Commercial Roofing: 5 Benefits of IB Roof Systems™

Commercial Roofing: 5 Benefits of IB Roof Systems™

A new roof can offer many benefits to your commercial property. Unlike older systems, it can make your structure look more appealing, enhance your energy efficiency depending on the material, and increase interior comfort in general. A roof replacement, however, is a major investment, and that’s why you need to be careful with making decisions. To guide you throughout the process, be sure to consult a trusted roofing contractor in Beaverton, Oregon, such as Orion Roofing and Sheet Metal.

Commercial Roofing

As the leading roofer in the region, we understand how important it is to have a durable and high-performance roof above your head. To help you achieve that, we partner with some of the renowned roofing manufacturers in the country. One of the brands we carry is IB Roof Systems™. Here are some of the features and benefits:

  1. Weather Resistance – Your roof takes the brunt of intense weather conditions. To ensure you’ll have lasting protection from the elements, you need roofing in Beaverton, OR, that can resist heavy rains, snow, and high winds. IB membranes do just that. They have a thick top layer that offers superior weather resistance and prolongs their life span.
  2. Energy Savings – Many commercial building owners are ready to invest in energy-efficient systems above other options. With IB Roof Systems, you can regulate the flow of energy inside your structure while reducing energy costs. In fact, the performance of their White and Cool Sand membranes is proven to exceed ENERGY STAR® and CRRC standards.
  3. Minimal Maintenance – You’ll also spend less on maintenance when you invest in IB Roof Systems. Their membranes do not rely on seam sealers, as high-performance plasticizers already coat the scrim.
  4. Water Resistance – IB membranes can protect your structure from excess moisture. Due to their top-quality composition, moisture does not affect or compromise the performance of each system.
  5. Green Choice – People can install as much as 90% of these systems over existing roofs, eliminating the need for messy tear-offs. This leads to a reduction in landfill usage. In addition, IB membranes are 100% recyclable.

To experience these benefits and more, you can turn to Orion Roofing and Sheet Metal. We are your go-to company for quality roof replacement in Beaverton OR, and the nearby areas. To get started, call us at (503) 683-7555 or complete our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!