How Roofing Projects Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

How Roofing Projects Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

Fall is the season for home maintenance projects because of the ideal weather. Orion Roofing, one of the trusted roofers in Beaverton, Oregon, recommends including roofing projects in your plan.

How Roofing Projects Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

Why Prioritize Roofing Projects?

Your roof is an important investment because it protects you and your family. After enduring different weather conditions for the first half of the year, you need to let us do a thorough inspection. This way, we can look for minor and major damage and make the needed repairs. Roof repairs also ensure that your roof can handle the incoming colder weather.

Touch-ups can also help maintain curb appeal. Damaged shingles and mold look unsightly on roofs, and we can replace them with quality shingles from top brands. We are proud to offer CertainTeed, Owens Corning®, and GAF® products for your home improvement project.

How Can A Well-Maintained Roof Keep Homes Cozy?

Well-maintained roofing in Beaverton, Oregon, can keep your home comfortable during cold weather because it maintains consistent indoor temperatures. Roof maintenance can prevent cool air from escaping through holes in the attic. It also ensures that your attic insulation is still working.

Cool roofs like metal also act as insulators during colder seasons. They come with special pigments that reflect heat and re-emit solar radiation. For energy-efficient roofs, you can also opt for GAF’s Cool Series asphalt shingles.

Where Do You Get Quality Roofing Services?

If you’re taking the proactive approach, Orion Roofing is a name that you can trust. We are the leading contractors for maintenance, replacement, and roof repair in Beaverton, Oregon. We create tailored solutions to meet your different needs. We also use the latest technology when fixing or replacing your roofs.

As certified roofers of some of the top brands, we can back our services with strong manufacturer warranties. They cover any costs in case anything happens to your roof for a period after the installation date.

Let Orion Roofing help you with your home improvement projects. For more maintenance tips, call us at (503) 690-1807. You can also request a free quote when you fill out our contact form.