What Makes Metal Roofs Energy-Efficient?

What Makes Metal Roofs Energy-Efficient?

With many of today’s energy-efficient building materials becoming more affordable, more homeowners are benefiting from its advantages. Roofing made from sheet metal in Hillsboro, Oregon, in particular, has become a leading choice for increased energy efficiency.

 Metal Roofs

How Energy Efficiency Works

Energy efficiency is a building’s ability to minimize heat transfer between inside and outside. An energy-efficient roof should ideally be able to retain indoor heat during winter and keep outdoor heat from getting in during summer. This reduces indoor heating and cooling requirements and consequently reduces energy consumption. Minimizing heat transfer is accomplished through several means, such as sheet or blown-in insulation, energy-efficient materials, low-E coatings, and dual-glaze glass.

Cool Metal Roofs

Unlike other parts of a home’s exterior, roofs are constantly exposed to the sun. Infrared rays or solar heat is a part of sunlight that your roofs can reflect. All you need for your Roofing in Hillsboro, Oregon is a material that is either inherently reflective or at least have a smooth surface that can be treated for reflectivity.

This is where cool roofs come in. It works the same way as wearing light-colored clothing on a sunny day: by reflecting sunlight. Commercial buildings were the first to benefit from cool roofs, as membrane-type system require easier manufacturing with light colors. Steel roofs emerged as the top choice for cool roofing in residential settings, as it comes with nearly any kind of coating without compromising performance. These coatings also let cool roofs re-emit up to 90% of already absorbed heat.

These features contribute to a roof that prevents solar heat from getting onto the roof deck. Combined with conventional attic insulation, it helps you enjoy comfortable indoor temperature, with minimal air conditioning. Metal roofs can also be quickly installed by experienced roofers like Orion Roofing and Sheet Metal. It is wind-resistant and light enough to be installed on existing roof decks without additional reinforcement.

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