Our Team

Meet Our Reliable Crew!

“Orion Roofing is a family business that takes care of people and their homes. We take pride in the work we do and the service we provide to our clients in our community.”
~ Jason Vaughan, Owner

Jason Vaughan – Owner – 1993

The Man Behind the Vision

Meet the man behind the vision – Jason Vaughan, owner of Orion Roofing since 1993! With 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, Jason has seen it all and has a passion for making sure every project is a success.

Since starting the business, Jason has remained involved in all aspects of the business, from sales calls to site visits. He’s always on the front lines, working with his team and clients to ensure each project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Jason’s commitment to the business and his team is unwavering, and we’re grateful to have him at the helm of Orion Roofing.

Future Goal: Jason envisions a future where Orion Roofing operates seamlessly, providing exceptional service and high-quality products to clients. He aims to foster an environment where employees find fulfillment in their work, maintaining a healthy work-life balance. For Jason, success means not only a thriving business but also a harmonious family life.

Fun Fact: Jason finds solace in nature and often explores the outdoors with his twin boys and wife, Keeley. He’s a dedicated Oregon Duck football fan, a nod to his upbringing near the Ducks’ hometown in Springfield, Oregon. You’ll also catch him enjoying a good game of Sudoku or engrossed in a captivating book.

Here’s to many more successful years under his leadership!

Contact: Jason@orion-nw.com

Keeley Vaughan – Accounts – 1993

The Heart and Soul of Our Administrative Department

Meet Keeley Vaughan, the heart and soul of our administrative department! She’s been with us since 1993, serving as our corporate secretary and supporting the team in any way she can.

As the wife of our owner, Keeley has a unique understanding of the business and a passion for making sure everything runs smoothly.

Over the years, she’s played a crucial role in the success of our company, assisting the administrative department and taking charge of accounts. You can count on her to provide accurate and timely invoicing, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

Future Goal: Keeley is dedicated to supporting the longevity of the business in her role in accounts. She hopes to see Orion Roofing flourish, providing a stable foundation for their sons as they graduate high school and embark on their own journeys. Her goal is to ensure that the business remains a strong pillar of support for their family and the community it serves.

Fun Fact: Keeley’s happy place is on long walks with her canine companion, Jet. She’s a puzzle enthusiast and often collaborates with her sons for a fun challenge. In the kitchen, Keeley’s culinary skills shine as she prepares delicious meals for her loving family. Country music is her go-to playlist for those cozy evenings at home.

We’re proud to have Keeley as part of the team and grateful for her unwavering dedication to the business. Her passion for the team atmosphere we’ve maintained for all these years is truly inspiring!

Contact: Keeley@orion-nw.com

Jaclyn Dacascos | Operations | 2010

The Glue That Holds Us All Together

With 13 years of experience at Orion Roofing under her belt, Jaclyn has proven to be the glue that holds us all together.

Not only does she come from a family of roofers, but she’s also worn many hats over the years, from admin roles to project management to client consultations and sales. This wide range of knowledge in the roofing industry has made her a valuable asset to our team.

Jaclyn currently serves as our operations manager and is Jason’s right-hand, making sure everything runs smoothly and our clients are taken care of from start to finish.\

Future Goal: Jaclyn aspires to propel Orion Roofing to the forefront of the industry, establishing it as the go-to roofing expert with a 30-year legacy. She envisions a thriving business deeply ingrained in the community. As she achieves professional milestones, she looks forward to creating cherished family memories on unforgettable vacations.

Fun Fact: Jaclyn juggles being a mom with grace and style. With a daughter in college and a son at home, she cherishes every moment spent with her family. Jaclyn finds peace in the embrace of nature and enjoys quality time with her loved ones. Music is her companion on both busy and quiet days.

We’re proud to have her as part of the Orion Roofing family and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and our team!

Contact: Jaclyn@orion-nw.com

Mario Gomez Castaneda | Connecting Clients | 2014

Connecting Clients, Crew, and Office for Superior Roofing!

Since joining us in 2014, Mario has been a cornerstone of Orion Roofing. As our Field Supervisor, he serves as the crucial link between our clients, crew, and office.

Mario’s extensive knowledge of roofing, coupled with his unwavering commitment to quality, ensures every job is completed to the highest standard.

His exceptional communication skills, coupled with his proficiency in both Spanish and English, guarantee everyone is on the same page, resulting in a seamless and successful experience for our clients.

Future Goal: Mario is eager to continue his learning journey in the roofing industry, expanding his expertise beyond roofing into other facets of the business. He’s grateful for the growth he’s experienced, evolving from a roofer to contributing in operations and quality control. Mario anticipates with excitement where this enriching journey will lead him.

Fun Fact: Family time is precious to Mario. He and his wife, along with their kids, are frequent visitors to the beach, creating beautiful memories. A car enthusiast, you’ll find him engaging in conversations about automobiles, showcasing his passion for these mechanical marvels.

Contact: Mario@orion-nw.com