Orion Roofing’s Ventilation Solutions: Breathe Life into Your Roof

Orion Roofing’s Ventilation Solutions: Breathe Life into Your Roof

Proper ventilation is key to maintaining a healthy, long-lasting roof. Our ventilation solutions optimize airflow, reducing heat and moisture buildup in your attic space.

Maintaining a healthy, long-lasting roof begins with proper ventilation. Orion Roofing offers standard ventilation and upgraded ridge vent solutions, ensuring optimal airflow and reducing heat and moisture buildup in your attic space.

Promoting the longevity of your roof starts with more than just quality materials. At Orion Roofing, we go the extra mile by conducting a comprehensive ventilation audit with each roof replacement. From standard ventilation systems to upgraded ridge vent solutions, we prioritize optimal airflow, effectively mitigating heat and moisture buildup in your attic space for a healthier, more durable roofing system.

Standard Box Vent Options

Box Vents

Choose from our selection of standard box vent options, including:

AF-50 Plastic Roof Vent

Why AF-50?

  • Made of UV-resistant polyethylene plastic
  • Protects against damage caused due to heat and moisture
  • Internal aluminum screen keeps birds from nesting

RVO 38 Galvanized Steel Roof Vent

Why RVO 38?

  • Made from 28-gauge galvanized steel for long-term use
  • Features large base for added weatherproofing
  • Aluminum screen keeps birds and large insects out of vent opening

Master Flow® Roof Louver RV50 – Metal Round Throat: Versatile and Durable

Why Master Flow® RV50?

  • Versatile Design: Ideal for attic exhaust ventilation and other applications.
  • Durable: Aluminum and galvanized construction with a round throat for longevity.
  • Large Capacity: Provides a full 50 sq. in. (32,258 mm²) of net free ventilating area (NFA) per vent.
  • Complements Most Roofs: Available in aluminum or galvanized construction and four popular colors.

Upgraded Ridge Vent Option

Ridge Vent

Consider our upgraded ridge vent solution, the GAF Cobra® SnowCountry® Exhaust Vent for Roof Ridge.

Why Cobra® SnowCountry®?

  • Vents the Attic: Allows heat and moisture to escape at the most effective location – the ridge.
  • Snow Guard™ Filter: Helps resist snow, insect, and pine needle infiltration.
  • EasyTear™ Sizing: Hand-tear product in 3″ (76 mm) increments – no knives necessary, minimizing waste.
  • Cap Shingle Compatible: Works seamlessly with 12” (305 mm) width ridge cap shingles.
  • Effective: External baffles deflect wind and rain, ensuring efficiency.
  • Versatile: Extra-flexible hinge design allows installation on 3:12 to 16:12 sloped roofs.
  • Peace Of Mind: Eligible for up to a lifetime limited warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle roofs.

Choose Orion Roofing for comprehensive ventilation solutions that breathe life into your roof, ensuring its longevity and health.