Preparing Your Roof Replacement Budget: 3 Easy Tips

Age and extreme weather conditions can be harsh on your roof, leading to extensive damage. Before it starts compromising your home’s quality of life, be sure to invest in a smarter, longer-lasting solution—roof replacement. With such a large home improvement, however, you’ll need to consider a few essentials, including budget.

                                     Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a complex project, generally involving a significant amount of money. It’s better to plan out your budget beforehand to avoid hiccups along the way. Orion Roofing, your provider in Portland, Oregon, can help you prepare your budget the easier way through these tips:

1. Set your budget according to your choice of roofing material. Roofs come in a wide selection of materials, and what you prefer will determine the amount you’ll need. Each roofing material has its short-term or long-term costs. Asphalt shingles, for instance, are more cost-effective than metal, which in turn, lasts longer and is more durable than shingles. Other factors that can also affect the size of your budget include your roof’s size; additional roof components like felt or bitumen; and the need for shingle disposal services.

2. Prepare a contingency fund. It’s not unlikely to discover issues with your roof while the project is already underway. Your system might need more insulation, or will require additional vents for better airflow. To ensure that your roof installation in Portland, OR, runs smoothly, set aside a budget to deal with unwelcome surprises. If you can absorb about 20% for contingencies, you should be A-Okay.

3. Hire a reliable roofing contractor. Much of your roof replacement’s success will rely on your contractor so be sure to pick the right one for the job. Finding this roofer is easier than you think—just turn to Orion Roofing. We are fully licensed and certified by the leading roof manufacturers in the industry. This ensures that we can perform timely and efficient work on your roof replacement in Portland, Oregon. With our professional team, rest assured that we’ll be able to work within the project’s budget and timeframe, while keeping everything on track. We can install your roof perfectly the first time. This means you won’t have to worry about problems arising with your roof, letting you avoid further expenses.

Trust in Orion Roofing for a smooth and worry-free roof replacement. Call us at (503) 690-1807 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.

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