Roof Repairs

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Roof Repairs

We specialize in roof repairs in West Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Aloha and Tigard. A roof is one of the most important components of protection for any property. Keeping a roof in good working order is essential. When a problem shows up, whether it is blown off shingles or leaks, you need a contractor you can trust. At Orion Roofing and Sheet Metal we have the experience and the history that you can trust. Having been in business for over 24 years and thousands of repairs and replacements completed; we are confident that we have the solutions to any roof problem.

Roof Repair Policy

Orion Roofing and Sheet Metal does not provide free estimates for minor repairs (a minor repair is one that is anticipated to be under $750). Instead, our service technicians will arrive prepared to diagnose the issue and repair the problem on a “time and materials” basis. Our minimum service-call charge of $300 plus materials* covers the first hour of labor. Each additional hour, will be billed at $150 per hour plus materials*
*All roof repair materials are billed at our cost, plus an additional 20% to cover overhead and profit.

“Time and Material” – Repair Program Billing Rates and Terms

  • Repairs are billed at $300.00 for the first hour for labor, plus cost of materials*. Many repairs can be completed in under one hour.
  • If the repair requires more than one hour to complete, then the repair continues at a “two man rate” of $150.00 for each additional hour. We will not exceed a labor and material* total of $750.00 without express written consent by the property owner.
  • If, upon initial observation, we anticipate that the repair costs, including labor and materials, will exceed a total of more than $750.00; we will diagnose the defect and, if necessary, form a temporary repair (such as a tarp or other short term form of leak prevention). In this event we would bill the minimum charge of $300.00, plus materials*, if any. This minimum charge would also include a written estimate to perform a permanent repair.
  • If we determine that the underlying problem is not a roof defect matter (meaning water intrusion at points other than roofing, including, but not limited to, siding defects, masonry/chimney defects, window defects, etc.) we will bill only the minimum charge of $300.00. In this situation, we would do our best to determine the cause and provide a referral for a company that could assist in remedying the problem.
  • All payments are due “COD” (at or before time of service)
    *All roof repair materials are billed at our cost, plus an additional 20% to cover overhead and profit.

Due to the labor and material shortages in our industry, we are focusing our resources on residential roof replacements only, through fall of 2022.