3 Considerations When Choosing a New Roof

3 Considerations When Choosing a New Roof

When investing in roof replacement, you might be more inclined to pick a newer version of the previous roofing material. This is a practical decision, but you will miss out on the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home’s look and weather protection.

3 Considerations When Choosing a New Roof

Orion Roofing, your premier roofing contractor in Beaverton, OR, shares some of the considerations.

  1. Effective Weather Barrier. Your roof ensures a dry and damage-free home. That’s why you need to make sure that your new system can withstand extreme weather. It should endure extreme sun, remain sturdy under high winds, and easily shed snow or rain. Your choice should depend on your area’s weather patterns and environment. These factors can affect your new roof’s longevity and overall performance.
  2. Complementary Look. As a highly visible design element, your roof can greatly affect your curb appeal. For this reason, make sure that your choice of roofing in Beaverton, OR, can suit your home’s existing architectural style and décor. Some materials work best with a specific home style. Slate is perfect for traditional homes like Colonial and Victorian, while metal looks excellent in contemporary-modern homes.
    If you prefer not to wander from shingles, there are options that can emulate the appearance of other premium materials. Orion Roofing’s architectural shingles from GAF® are an excellent example. They can offer the look and feel of slate and wood shakes. This makes it easier to match your new roof with your home’s design.
  3. Energy Efficiency. Make the most of your new roof by going for materials that help save energy. Orion Roofing, your trusted roofing company in Beaverton, OR, can help you with this. We carry GAFs best-selling Timberline® Cool series, which can reduce attic heat buildup.

You can also benefit from our complete metal roofing systems. Their inherent reflective properties can help you keep a more thermally comfortable home, minus the high energy costs. As we specialize in installing this material, you can expect only a safe and worry-free process throughout.

Consult Orion Roofing when investing in a roof replacement. With our quality materials and professional crew, we’ll help you maximize your home’s look, protection, and efficiency. Call us at (503) 690-1807 or fill out our form today for a free quote.